Best tips to quickly improve in Fifa 19

Gamers are trying to find new ways to get better at Fifa 19. Some people get a chance to improve their game to the master level, but many gamers fail to do so. So today I’m going to reveal some tips which will help you to get better at Fifa 19.


You must have heard the famous quote “practice makes a man perfect.” The more you practice this game, the more you are going to get better in it.

Try to spend some time on the game that will help you to know more about the game, and you will surely be able to increase your gaming skill in this way.

You need to spend more time on practice that will polish your skill set. Try different games mode and different skills to get better in the game. Below

Stick Switching

Right stick switching is a huge indicator in defense. This allows you to close the gaps quickly. The right stick switching will help you to step into the gap before the opponent gets a chance to control the ball.

Right stick movement gives you the chance to be one step ahead of the opponent and is a must to master in the defense. This stick switching will help you to take your FIFA 19 gaming skill to the next level.

Active Cover

Don’t be lazy with covering the deep pass. Activate the defender and try to close down through balls. Manual action is always better than to rely on the AI.

When you are out of position, try to quickly track back and closing down the dangerous option which may help your opponent to score goals.

The golden distance should be 0.5 meters ahead of the opponent run. This allows you to calculate pass but also to apply pressure if the opponent goes with the simple ground pass.

Cut the passing lanes

Learn to cut the passing lanes properly. Try to learn the patterns of your opponent and try to step into that path of the opponent players.

Always try to find that invisible passing lane and step into it when the opponent already decides his action.

This will minimize the chances of your opponent to score a goal, and he will surely find it very difficult to score against you. Once you find any dangerous empty zone step into that passing lane and you will be easily retrieving the ball.

Defend with your whole team

Instead of rushing with your defenders try to use help from the midfield and strikers. Try to activate as many players as possible in the defense when you get the chance.

It will make it difficult to score the goal against you. Use your team to its full potential and try to fetch the ball from the opponent. So try to defend with your whole team and activate as many players as you can and try to play as a collective team.

Timed finesse shots

The time finesse shots are the most dangerous attacking weapon. Practice these shots and try to hit as many green bars as available.

But what makes the finesse version so powerful is that even though you miss time it you still have a chance to score. You simply don’t get punished by the game when hitting that yellow board even though it might get patched but enjoy the feast while it lasts and spare as many time finesse shots as possible.

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Hit hard

Try to play in an aggressive and tricky way. Dodge the opponent with some skills and try to hit your opponent team with full force.

The aggressive play can help you to win a lot of matches but don’t give the ball to your opponent due to the aggression. Play aggressive as well as smart.

Focus on the movement of the opponent players and shows them what you have got with your attack. But once you are in a winning mode, you can play some defense game so that the opponent finds it hard to score a goal at that moment.

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