How to Play Dota 2 Well (GGWP){f91283afc00ea594f65a74906ee686afbd60b48fa5699e0433d84531b059fbf8}202.jpgWant to play Dota 2 without being branded as a beginner that will only burden your team? Or you have played a lot but still do not play well too? This article will help you to learn how to play Dota 2.

Getting Started Game

1. Play with bots

When you are just learning to play, you are advised to play against bots first. In this way, you will learn about the basics of the game and familiarize yourself with the controls in the game, so that when you play with friends, you will not be a burden on the team. Select the “Play” tab at the top and select “Practice with bots” to start a training game against the bot.

  • Begin learning by playing with the bot first. The people you meet in the game will not be friendly to you if you overload the team in the game.
  • Another way to play with bots is to join the Co-op bot match. This type of game is where you can play team-mates with your friends or random friends and against bot teams.

2. Play against your friends

As you begin to understand the basics of the game, you can play against your friends. Troubling your friends and mocking them with harsh words will not make your teammates friendly to you. Make a lobby on the play menu and give a password to not let strangers in when you just want to play with your friends or you can leave it open so you can play against strangers you meet.

3. Play against strangers

If you do not mind when play, gender and everything you love to be ridiculed, or if you like to torture strangers in a game, then you can choose to play with strangers. Choose “Play a Match” or “Play a Team Match” (if you have your own team).

4. Select your game mode

Sometimes you may want to change your game mode. This allows for a variety of matchmaking games as well as lobby games. Differences in game mode will affect the way you, your friends, and your opponent choose the hero you want to play.

  • “All Pick” mode is a mode in which all players can select the hero characters they want to use.
  • “Single Draft” gives each player a choice of 3 heroes only, divided into 3 different attributes.
  • “Captain’s Mode” is the standard mode used in championship / tournament matches. This mode gives the captain the power to select heroes for friends in his team.
  • “Random Draft” gives players 22 select-able heroes and each player alternates in choosing the hero you want to use.
  • “Least Played” is a mode that forbids the 40 most common heroes you use.
  • “Limited Heroes” is a mode with only recommended hero-hero for beginners to use. This mode was created specifically for new players who are learning the basics of playing Dota 2.
  • “All Random”, quite clear from its name, this is a mode that makes all players get random heroes.

5. Adjust the settings

Do not forget to adjust the settings properly before you start a game. Proper settings will bring you to the right people. Do not forget to make sure that your internet connection is strong enough and stable in order to avoid lag (the game goes stagnant). Remember, even though you’re great at playing a game like Dota 2, lag will make you play like a beginner.

  • The most important setting is the server (regional) location settings. You are better advised to choose a region near you (eg. you are in Indonesia and choose a Southeast Asian server location) so you do not feel the lag in the game. Players who choose a remote server location from where they live will usually feel the lag in the game (eg. you are in Indonesia and choose a game with a United States server location).

• You should also take note of the language settings you use, because using a foreign language will make it difficult for you to understand the terms in the game. This is certainly an important key in your process of learning how to play Dota 2.