Gaben Admits Feeling Interrupted by Epic Games Store, But Only Temporary

Epic Games Store is making the industry better but “gamers don't ...

Epic Games Store with its exclusive policy is said to have given rise to quite a stir in the controversy in 2019

Many PC gamers community who strongly objected to these policies. However, Epic itself seems to have never budged and is still lobbying a number of developers to keep wanting to market the game exclusively on its platform.

Stepping on in 2020, they are indeed still adopting that step even though the intensity is further reduced compared to last year. On the one hand, not a few people think that the Epic Games strategy is very effective in making Steam used to dominate the world of distributing digital PC games. Especially by touting the distribution of the results that are more humane.

Through this premise, what do you think about the response of Steam, who is really very familiar with the form of challenges they have to face? Delivered directly from Gaben’s mouth, he basically did not want to bother him too much.

Speaking to Gameradar, Gaben actually considered that competition between “shops” was an extremely positive thing for all parties

Keeping everything open and honest is what he really wants to focus on. However, on the other hand he felt that in the short term, this indeed felt very uncomfortable at first.

Considering that Steam is quite disadvantaged by the exclusive policy that is often carried by the Epic Games Store, in the long run, Gaben actually continues to recognize that this can produce a good profit for all. Especially regarding the discipline and maturity of the mind that can be processed from the emergence of these challenges.

Personally, Gaben is not too disturbed by competition. However, he and his team at Valve were far more afraid of confronting those who always blocked their intentions to compete. He himself gave an example of the strength of Apple’s corporate business practices that are able to control everything, including in influencing to prevent their competitors from getting into market reach.

In addition, Gaben also gave another explanation about the idea of ​​creating a digital store that would actually minimize the value or bargaining power of its products to be traded. Where he was very worried about the direction of industrial phenomena like that.